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Geographically, spiritually and culturally India is one of the most multi-faceted and fascinating colorful countries in the world.  It is the country of high mountains of the Himalaya, vast golden deserts,  tropical forests with abundant wildlife,  white sand beaches & emerald oceans, sacred rivers & lakes. More contrasting are bustling big cities & small remote villages, maharajas and royal families living side by side with diverse tribal cultures. It is home to the great religions like;   Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism  Christianity, as well as countless other regional and local regions.  India boasts great Islamic monuments like the Taj Mahal, spectacular temples of Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and Buddhists, fortress like Buddhist Monasteries of Ladakh, and even colonial era European style Churches.  Whether you wish to hop through Ladakh or Sikkim, visit the palaces of Rajasthan and ride camels out into the desert, hike through the canyon ridden arid mountains of Ladakh, or the lush forests of Sikkim, Himaland can make your dream comes true.

india tek

india tek [7 days]

Ladhak Trek ist wundervoll und gesegnet mit einer Topographie aus grünen Wiesen , Steingarten Klippe und hohen Gipfeln des Himalaya.